Ramadan Day 10: Resetting our Soul

Today Salma Haya is writing about Al Mutakabbir.

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Day:10 Al Mutakabbir ,The Supremely

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Ramadan Day 10 : Resetting our Souls 

Ramadan into three Stages that’s known as Ashra of Ramadan.

We have completed the first stage already alhumdulillah.

The first ashra is called Rehmat, which means ‘mercy of Allah’. So these first ten days are also known as the Days of Mercy, when every Muslim is expected to seek mercy and blessings from Allah.

We will be entering the next stage for the next 10 days which is 11th to day 20th consists of the Ashra of forgiveness. Muslims must seek for forgiveness of Allah Almighty and regret for all their sins.

As I’m sending the names of Allah and we learn the attributes it will give you a more understanding and deeper love for God

Just like when we get to know someone. Our relationship with Allah will strengthen as we get to know him in a deeper level especially when we call upon him in prayers .

So let’s continue with getting to know Allah together and examine a new :

(The Dominant One)
The Tremendous, The Great, The Proud.

* Al-Mutakabbir (in Arabic: ٱلْمُتَكَبِّرُ) means the supremely great one.
* He has rights, privileges, and qualities that others do not have. He is tremendous and manifests this greatness in all things and many ways.

Arabic Root:
* From the root kaf-ba-ra (ك ب ر), which in Classical Arabic means: to be great in size, rank or dignity to be great in size, to be vast, formidable to be great in age, oldest to be great in dignity, noble, majestic to be great in learning, most known to have rights above all others.
* What it means for Allah سُبْحَٰنَهُۥ وَتَعَٰلَىٰ to be proud:The word Mutakabbir is derived from kabara meaning great, exalted, noble.

* A lesson to be learned is as you grow skilled in a field, it’s natural that you’d get more confident.
* But when you start to think of yourself as an expert, you make yourself vulnerable, hence the saying, “it’s the strong swimmers who drown.” It’s the strong swimmers who take more risks and, as a result, face fatal accidents.
* It’s too late for them, and their fate is sealed. Similarly, what’s better for the believer is to focus on finding truth. To avoid arrogance in thinking that they already know.
* The human condition is a desire to know, expand, and have power. It’s hard to renounce all things – which, if you could, would be better.
* But that’s the road less traveled. It’s difficult and discomforting to assume you don’t know or to admit you are uncertain. It feels reassuring to think you know something.
* But in this facade, you deprive yourself of going further. The tricky part of having poor judgment is you don’t know when you have it.
* It’s far better to find evidence in reality to support your view – and even then, not to draw conclusions.
* The moment you feel you know something, you allow yourself to stop searching. We all likely share a similar experience in studying for a test.
* You may have gone over a homework problem, looked at the answer, and thought, “yeah that make sense” or “that’s easy,” and moved on.
* But when a similar question appeared on the test, we “blanked out” and couldn’t answer it.
* Really we just fooled ourselves into thinking we knew and never got evidence to support that we really did.
* It would’ve been wise to test and practice, space out some time, and do it again.
* This way, we would not fool ourselves into thinking we knew something when we really didn’t.
* To try and characterize oneself as being great and as feeling proud of their achievements in a non-conceited way, we can simplify it to the basic philosophy of doing your best.
* Be clear and deliberate in understanding what’s important to you, and then try your best to live up to that standard.
* If you could go to bed every day knowing you’ve done your best, how can you not say you succeeded in what you set out to do?
* As a result of doing this over an extended period, you will surely get recognition from those closest to you, and perhaps it will shine through for others to see as well.
* But that part is something that will happen as a by-product, not as the goal for attainment. More important to ask how to be deserving of greatness rather than a desire for greatness.
* In another light, Al-Mutakabbir is also the one we can lean on when we are faced with an obstacle that seems insurmountable. It’s a name that should inspire hope and optimism.

Example on how to call upon Al Mutakabbir ,The Supremely Great, The Perfection of Greatness
* O Allah, Al-Mutakabbir, we know that You are supremely Great.
* Ya Allah You Are Mutakabbir . Guide our hearts and actions to humility towards You to our Deen and to Your creation.
* Ya Allah! Protect us from arrogance and assist us to ways to cure any arrogance that entered our hearts.
* Ya Allah! Make us of those who are blessed to witness Your Grandeur in Paradise, ameen!

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