Surah Ikhlas

Al-Ikhlāṣ (الْإِخْلَاص, “Sincerity”),also known as the Declaration of God’s Unity and al-Tawhid (التوحيد, “Monotheism”), is the 112th chapter (sūrah) of the Quran.

Narrated Aisha: “Whenever the Prophet went to bed every night, he used to cup his hands together and blow over it after reciting Surah al-Ikhlas, Surah al-Falaq and Surah an-Nas, and then rub his hands over whatever parts of his body he was able to rub, starting with his head, face and front of his body. He used to do that three times.


  • Entering Paradise
  • Attaining the love of Allah
  • Increasing rizq
  • Forgiveness of one’s sins
  • Success in businesses

Here is the surah in both Arabic and English transliteration, try to recite it as much as you can:

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