The Sunnah of Keeping Your Wife Happy

In Islam we believe nikah to be a blessing bestowed upon us by Allah (SWT). It has been mentioned several times in the Qur’an and holds utmost importance. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself says:

“Marriage is my sunnah, and whoever does not follow my sunnah has nothing to do with me.” [Sunan Ibn Majah, 1846]

It doesn’t mean to just marry and forget about your roles and responsibilities. A man when he marries is said to have completed half of his deen. And along with this, one of the main roles of a person in Islam is to keep your other half happy and contented. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is said to have been a role model for his ummah, the perfect human being, the perfect leader and even the perfect husband to all his wives.


The Prophet (SAW) understood love and marriage more than anyone, and to follow his sunnah in this regard would help you in enhancing yours. He believed in good character and good actions, and to use these in a marriage helps elevate its stance. The most important thing to keep a marriage happy is to keep your spouse happy, and our Prophet always tried to strengthen his relationships with his wives by keeping them happy.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “The believers who show the most perfect Faith are those who have the best behavior, and the best of you are those who are the best to their wives.”

Here are a few tips to keep your wife happy, contented and satisfied, just how our Prophet did, with his sunnah ways.

  1. Be kind and generous to your wife

Prophet (SAW) treated all his wives equally and with utmost respect. He catered to their needs, and always kept them above himself. He never hesitated to show how much value they hold in his life. Show them their real importance and always treat her with kindness. Be gentle, kind and caring towards the women of the house.

  1. Acknowledge her efforts

He always appreciated even the littlest of things that his wives did for him, from cooking, to taking care of the children. He never took his wives efforts for granted and showered her with respect and gratitude. Be grateful to Allah (SWT) for her, and to her for all her efforts. Appreciate her companionship and show her the same support.

  1. Help her with daily chores

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always supported his wives and helped them in household chores. He did his own work, and even helped in cooking and cleaning of the house. Don’t let this be duty of just the wives, help them out whenever you can and in whichever way you can. Work together to maintain and build your home. Allah (SWT) rewards the man who helps his wife in household chores.

  1. Pray with her and pray for her

Our Prophet has put a lot of emphasis on praying together. It is the duty of the husband to lead his wife in prayer. Gain blessings from Allah (SWT) together so that you can be in Jannah together. Engage in praying for her alone. Thank Allah (SWT) for her, and pray for her health and wellness always.

  1. Surprise her with gifts

Gifts act as a token of appreciation in a relationship. It need not be materialistic gifts but any form of additional efforts shown by you. Cook food for her, get what she wanted without she having to ask first, surprise her with random gifts, feed her with your own hands. All that is spent on by a man on his wife, parents and children is a form of charity, which shall be rewarded. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to feed Aisha (RA) with his own hands to express his love towards her.

  1. Spend quality time with her

Spending time with your other half is the best way to get to know her better. It builds companionship, and to know about her needs and wants. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) not only talked to his wives but also played halal fun games with them like horse riding. He made them feel close to him by devoting his time and attention on them. Allah puts barakah in the time you spend together.

  1. Engage in sweet talks and gestures

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) never used to raise a voice at his wives. He was always gentle with them. He called them with sweet nicknames to make them feel special like ‘Humaira’ for Aisha (RA). He often showed them gestures of love and affection like kissing them on the forehead while leaving and entering the house.

  1. Listen to her attentively

Be there for your wife whenever she needs you. Listen to her when she opens up to you whether if she’s sad or excited. Listen to her like you actually care about what she shares with you and encourage her to share more. Our Prophet (SAW) always used to engage himself in conversations with his wives to make them feel important. He always acted like a friend in whom they could confide in.

  1. Treat her with mercy

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) focused on forgiveness all through his life. He forgave people who were impossible to forgive. He emphasized on treating your wives as well, with kindness and mercy whenever they make a mistake. He was never rash and always overlooked their mistakes in public while corrected them in private sweetly.

  1. Make her feel secure

The responsibility of a woman comes under the man when she marries him. It is his duty to protect her and make her feel secure at all times. Always act like a door that can be opened by her whenever she’s in trouble.

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