Ramadan Day 3 Resetting our Souls

Dear readers, here is what Salma Haya has to say on the day 3 of Ramadan. You may like her Facebook page Salma Haya to know more. 

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Ramadan Day 3 Resetting our Souls

Writing reflection:

“ Give to others unexpectedly and God will give to you in multiples by putting a smile on someone’s soul”

Since I moved to Mauritus I love buying fresh coconut water and coconut pulp.

For the past 4 years I’ve been buying from a lady on La Rue Pamplemousse on the corner of La Rue Cotton that sells coconut for a living.

She is a hardworking women that I’ve admired over the years whenever we drove by. She works even in the extreme heat.

As women we shouldn’t be jealous of other women but instead we must uplift and recognize them.

Woman are not idles , we bare multiple tasks :
1. We are the mistress of the house
2. We are the maids of the house
3. We are the cooks in the kitchen
4. We have many great tasks such as pregnancy, delivery, suckling, feeding our husband and children, taking care of the children , taking care of the home, participating in some tasks of the husband and for some also working outside the home . We wear many hats as we don’t do only one kind of work,
5. We bare these tasks with patience while continuously praising God.

This morning I decided to randomly gift away one of my original designer purses that I love the most to someone deserving as I have many other purses.

Wanted to gift it to the coconut lady.

I have a weakness for original designer purses and accessories.

Had an original Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag since 2014 in Canada 🇨🇦 and used it for over 9 years.

Sort of attached to my purse collections however my-soul felt so good as it’s now going to make someone else happy .

It helped me realize that sometimes we get attached to our belongings. However this was gifted to us only by the will of God.

Our belongings, how much wealth we have , our status , level of education , our big houses and our expensive cars won’t be carried with us in our graves and means nothing if we don’t strive on this journey try to make others happy.

Ladies and Gents feed your souls by feeding the souls of others with love kindness , giving and compassion.

Take care and God bless

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