Saudi singers Fulana, Klinsh set the mood at Riyadh event

  • The Saudi singer and Klinsh set the mood at Riyadh event

RIYADH: Emerging Saudi singers Fulana and Klinsh wowed the crowd at The Warehouse music venue in JAX District.

The two artists performed their songs at a concert on Friday as part of Fulana’s Notes on Swimming tour, which began in Jeddah earlier this month. The international tour will take both artists across the globe — to New York on June 13 and Cairo four days later.

Fulana, who is also known as Nadine Lingawi, said she had been overwhelmed by her success so far.

She added: “I started when I was 12 and I was making music just for myself. It’s hard to imagine that people are so into it that they want me to sing in other countries.

“I feel like I’m still too small for a tour, so it’s an overwhelming feeling. It’s beautiful that I’ve reached the point that I thought I’d never reach.

“Over the past couple of years I’ve really put together a portfolio of songs that now I think can represent the feelings I’m trying to deliver.”

Fulana, who grew up in the Kingdom, decided to use music as a method of self-expression to help “create the conversation” on the varied emotions of life in the Middle East.

She said: “I think a lot of the feelings that I talk about are naturally very taboo in Saudi culture and Arab culture.

“You turn into the kind of person who wants to make it OK to discuss feelings that naturally people wouldn’t want to, or express feelings that people would often say is too much to talk about.”

Over the past couple of years I’ve really put together a portfolio of songs that now I think can represent the feelings I’m trying to deliver.

Fulana, Saudi singer

Mohammed Dabrom, who goes by the name Klinsh, balances life as a musician and an electrician.

He began his musical career when he learned the guitar, and his music is a marriage of poetry and his experiences.

He said: “Some people use music as an escape, but for me it’s a way of facing and expressing what I am feeling.”

Klinsh’s lively stage presence makes for an impressive performance.

He added: “I loved the crowd and I love being on stage: It feels like this is the place that I always strive to be.

“I truly enjoy disconnecting from everything, and not thinking, just doing me.”

His advice for aspiring artists is not to give up.

He added: “Whatever happens, don’t stop. Always try to chase your dreams and sometimes it won’t work and it may not please everyone, but you have to be you.

“Nothing will be built based on what others want, only yourself. You are not trying to please anyone but yourself.”


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