Attar is an Arabic word that means scent.

Also known as Ittar, attar is a natural perfume oil that is derived from plant sources like herbs, blooming flowers, spices, barks, and other such organic sources.

There is no expiry date to pure attars, and with time many of them smell even better.


  • As there is no alcohol content in attar, it is used as a personal perfume, particularly by Muslim community
  • Attar is found useful in the pharmaceutical industry. It is known to strengthen the nervous system, relieve depression, stress, and food cravings.
  • The industry of pan masala and gutkha in India, Pakistan, and Bengal is the major consumer of attar. It is used because of its high persistence characteristics to cope up with a tobacco note. Attar such as rose, kewra, Shamama, Heena, Mitti, and Marigold are primarily used.

If you are also an attar lover, try some of the best attar options such as Musk Rose, Jannatul Firdaus and Mukallat Al Wafa to name a few.

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